Shipping and returns

Packages are generally sent within 20 days of receipt of payment.

We recommend that you group your items in one order. It is not possible for us to group two separate orders made separately.

Street-level shipping is free throughout Europe.

The boxes are adequately sized and your items are well protected.

Please note that delivery may take a week or two.

The delivery date also depends on external circumstances such as road size, adverse weather conditions and transport disruptions.

In any case, you will be contacted by the carrier to make arrangements for the date and time of delivery.

Check the conditions of the goods in the presence of the carrier.

- If you have carried out the check in the presence of the carrier and the goods are damaged, reject it and write us an email immediately to

Justify the refusal by writing "damaged" on the transport document.

We will replace the damaged goods for free as soon as possible.

- If you have not checked in the presence of the carrier, we will not assume any responsibility and you will not be entitled to a free replacement of the damaged goods.